Hi, my name is Francis and I'm going to introduce you to an industry that is recession proof and available in ALL AREAS! The field of process serving has been around for ages, and as stated, despite the current economic situation is growing at an incredible rate. Lawyers and legal institutes across the Country utilize a network of freelance process servers to deliver their papers to clients. Process serving requires very few specific skills to be successful, however can be difficult to break in to, which makes this industry highly profitable to those who do get involved. I have been active in the process serving field for going on 7 years and have chosen to share my information with the general public. There were times when I was getting started that I wished someone had compiled the required information, and even given me a list of companies to start contacting for work... well thats what I have done for you. I will show you the in's and out's of the industry and introduce you to over 100 companies you can begin contacting for work immediately.

    For those wondering, this is not a get rich quick scheme, this is actual work and actual pay. Your success will depend on your effort and your longevity in the industry will depend on your professionalism and candor. If you came here looking for a false promise of 1000's of dollars a week with little to no work, you've come to the wrong place. If you came here genuinely interested in an exciting industry with unlimited earning potential, then please read on.

    Process serving in short is delivering legal documents such as summonses, complaints, subpoenas, writs and other court documents to the individual or business the legal document is directed. Process serving must be completed by a third party indiviual, not associated with the parties in question, or a freelance process server like you.

    A process server delivers (or serves) legal documents to a defendant or an individual involved in a court case. The process server must serve the documents in accordance with the legislation in the area of service. This may mean handing the documents to the defendant personally or sub-serving to someone in the same household or business. Once the documents are delivered, the process serving agent must provide proof that the papers were served. This is done through a document call an Affidavit of Service, also called a Proof of Service, which must be notarized and given to the party who requested service. While this may seem confusing, it actually is a very simple process most people can learn. We will be showing you everything you need to know to

As a process server, you can expect to make $35 to $100 per paper served. This amount will vary depending on the length of the job, the difficulty of the job, and the firm hiring you to complete the job. Most serving jobs will take between 30 minutes and 2 hours. Even at 2 hours you stand to be making $50 per hour... not bad for a home based business. Complete 3 or 4 jobs per day and you are making well above the average income in the Country.


    Anyone has the ability to be a process server. The field does require a strong willed, ambitious, and confident person, which are all traits that can be learned and improved as your career in process serving develops. Many times, individuals with timid or introverted personalities are not best suited for a career in process serving, however this becomes an individual choice for each participant. I have been serving for several years, and luckily never had to deal with an unpleasent encounter, this does not mean however, that it's not possible and you should always be prepared in the unlikely even that happens. This industry provides a unique opportunity for creative people to come up with creative ways of serving papers. Your safety does depend on your method of serving, chances are if you are antagonizing someone as you serve them papers, you may find yourself in an altercation. When completed correctly, process serving is a safe and reliable way to earn income, even more so tough times such as these.


Question: I live in a small town, will there be process serving work for me?
Answer: Absolutely. There is process serving work anywhere there is people. Many times people in smaller towns have an advantage as larger companies rarely staff employees in small towns, which means they will look to freelance servers such as your self to complete their jobs.
Question: How will I get jobs?
Answer: My Ebook will introduce you to over 100 companies that utilize process servers nation wide. I will teach you how to introduce yourself and build a relationship to get your first job, and also to get repeat jobs from the same company. This is why it's very important to conduct yourself professionally, once you complete one job correctly and promptly for a company, chances are they will use you again next time they have a job in your area.
Question: How quickly can I start actually making money?
Answer: Thats up to you! My manual will show you exactly what you need to do to get started. From there, it will be up to you to start contacting the companies and making them aware of your availability. You can theoretically start contacting companies immediately after reading my Ebook, however I suggest you take your time and understand the industry before getting in over your head.
Question: Why do I have to pay for your manual?
Answer: My manual is a collection of information that took nearly 2 years to compile. This is my own experience and success in the industry. I chose to sell the information to help people out, but also to keep the industry alive and thriving. $20 for my manual is a very low price compared to the earning potential this industry offers. As always, I offer a full money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with your new career.

Testimonial #1 || Roger P. - Mississippi
"I had never heard of process serving but was desperate to get out of the daily grind. I bought Mike's Ebook and have been making just slightly more then I was in my career of 10 years prior. The work is fun and pretty easy, I would highly recommend the industry to anyone looking to ditch the 9 to 5."

Testimonial #2 || Mike W. - Florida
"I am always hesitant to purchase things like this online, but Mike seemed like a straight shooter. I tried it, and I love it. I have been serving papers for close to a year now and I couldn't be happier. It really is a great job."

Testimonial #3 || Vicki L. - Oregon
"I tried this as a part time job and I love it!! I do three or four jobs a week and make enough extra money to do the things I've always wanted to. I was sick of work from home scams, but this is not that at all, it's actual work for actual paying companies. I love it!"


    My Ebook is designed to introduce you to the process serving field, get you prepared to work, and then put you to work. The manual covers everything from preparation to execution of a successful serving job and teaches you some tips and tricks to making your business successful.

    Most importantly, my Ebook will introduce you to over 100 companies you can begin contacting immediately for work! These companies already have a reputation built in the industry and are always looking for contract process servers for areas they have not reached yet.

You can pick up my manual and get started right away for only $19.99. I offer a complete money back guarantee if you do not receive work, no questions asked. As always, I am available anytime for questions and concerns at info See you in the field!

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